Welcome to Dynamic Homes

How do we navigate our property market amidst a pandemic? It has become evident that an increasing number of us are looking for a change in lifestyle and environment, or simply looking to invest. What’s hot, what’s not, and how must we recover or restructure in a shifting economic environment? These are among a range of questions our customers have.

So, if you are looking to enter the property market or invest, then we are the intermediary service you need. Backed by solid industry experience and informed data, we are here to guide you and give you the confidence to make those choices.

The team at Dynamic Homes & Property Investment are ready to help you realise your next big wealth improvement goal. We take away the worry from the process, engage with builders, contractors, financial and legal services, and see your project successfully through from concept to completion.

Buy, build or invest through us. We will travel your journey with you to get the job done.

What we do

Buy to Own or Invest

We can help you build your dream home or help you invest in the property of your choice. We work with reputed builders and see our projects through from end-to-end.

Strategies to Assure

From working out your affordability to making the most of your resources, we can assist. Talk to us about an investment program that works for you.

Wealth Creation

Real Estate builds wealth consistently and does better than any other asset class. We spot opportunities that leverage from property for profitable outcomes.



Packages to Suit Your Budget

We tailor Home & Land packages to suit your location and budget

We help you with Borrowing Capacity Analysis

We find you the right Builder and engage in Contract Negotiations

We connect Conveyancers, Solicitors, Accountants and Trades to see your job through


Build with Reputed Builders

We build quality New Homes to the highest standards

Build the perfect new Custom Home to suit your lifestyle

New Apartments available in Melbourne’s Southgate and other prime locations

We also provide Knock Down Rebuild Homes


Projects that Maximise

Talk to us about a range of Multi-Unit Developments we offer

Contemporary Units, Duplex, Triplex, Townhouses and Apartments available for Sale

Most of our Apartments are located in Melbourne City and other prime locations

Rental Income Guaranteed


Discover What is Right for You

We help you with Investment Advise to help you grow your Wealth and Property Portfolio

Negative, Positive or Neutral Cashflow

We have access to a variety of Property Data Systems to keep informed of Market Trends

Discuss your Affordability with our Finance Team


Assisting You from Near or Far

We match overseas clients with the best Property Investment Opportunities in Australia

We provide Finance Advise to overseas investors

From Property Purchase to Tenanting, we manage the whole process for you

We provide Support and Act on Your Behalf in your absence


Servicing You Nationally

We are capable of sourcing land and properties in Major Cities and Regional Areas across Australia.

Our network of trades and services is nationwide in Australia

We can connect with teams to plan and execute competitively

Talk to us about your particular interests and tailoring a property journey that’s right for you


Discover this new apartment complex in Southbank, Melbourne.


Discover this new apartment complex in Southbank, Melbourne.


Ajith (AJ) Omathage

Managing Director

Since completing his Bachelor of Business Management in Australia in 2007, Ajith has had a long held passion for the property investment business model, and Dynamic Homes is the creation of many years of working towards his community focused goal.

His extensive network across the property development industry in Australia include leading developers and builders, and he excels at helping people create their wealth through property investment.

He is surrounded by a team of experts who can assist throughout the entire property investment cycle.

Ajith ensures that we maintain access to a wide range of tools and products that allow Dynamic Homes to consistently provide the best industry advise alongside custom solutions to our valued customers.

Sandun Wewalage

Director of Finance and Property

Sandun and his team bring all the expertise and support required in finance to Dynamic Homes.

With 12 years as a Banker, Sandun has first hand experience in working for a major Australian Bank. As a result he is well versed in lending processes and industry know-how.

In addition, he has also practised as a Finance Broker for over 10 years and worked closely with more than 30 lenders, who each have their niche for providing financial solutions that can benefit our clients. 

Being an owner and property investor himself, Sandun understands the importance of getting the right loan and structure for your most important purchase.


The land that I went to check upon is a lovely piece of land and I felt that the Dynamic Homes service was very professional. Really nice to be dealing with a team who cares about the customer’s needs.

– Danusha

The service was excellent and really helpful for me. I am 100% satisfied so, thanks to the team.

– Sasanka